What is Linda Reading, Watching, and Listening to This Week (June 12th)


Reading:Tears We Cannot Stop”, Michael Eric Dyson
Why: Dr. Dyson is one of the country’s leading intellectuals. This 2017 book is a searing indictment of our racial divisions but presents a roadmap for redemption and hope.

Also reading:
“Can a Vaccine for Covid-19 be Developed in Record Time,”  New York Times Magazine
A Never Before Published Hemingway short story found by Hemingway’s grandson!! “Pursuit as Happiness” Here are his grandson’s thoughts on the piece.

REwatching: Ava DuVernay’s 13th which is streaming for free online on Netflix
Why: Powerful and infuriating in equal measures and a stark depiction of how far we have yet to go in addressing system racism and the over-policing of Black bodies.

Listening: What a Day, a daily, 15 minute take on the day’s news/events from the folks who brought us the wickedly astute and irreverent, Pod Save America.
Why: Comedian, Akilah Hughes’ voice is exactly what we need right now

Corona Extra: Netflix has launched its Black Lives Matter collection. I plan to rewatch Becoming and When They See Us this weekend.
Why: Black stories matter