Komen Greater NYC & the Biden Cancer Initiative


Our own Linda Tantawi was among the city, state and nonprofit professionals who met with Vice President Joe Biden at the WeWork Cancer Collaboration Hub in Manhattan on Tuesday, March 26th.  The panel met to discuss ways to work collectively with the Biden Cancer Initiative in order to explore gaps in cancer detection and treatment, identify solutions to address them, and to inject the urgency of now to make progress.

Vice President Biden called for reducing disparities in access to care, urging those gathered to tackle systemic issues impeding progress.  He asked for greater transparency among medical institutions and the willingness to share data.  He was clear that we can no longer accept disparities,

unaffordable cancer treatments, and unattainable healthcare.

The vice president acknowledged the essential role of nurse navigators in improving patient care and equal access. Vice President Biden asked those gathered to work together so  “We can make hope real, increase survival rates, cure some cancers, and make care available to all.“   He recalled an old friend who always told him we have to know how to know. Vice President Biden further elaborated, "And we have to teach patients how to know.”