What makes Komen Greater NYC so special?

Komen Greater NYC’s service area includes about 64% of New York State’s population, all within nine unique communities. Komen Greater NYC serves the Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Kings, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and Rockland communities – some of the most ethnically, financially, and geographically diverse communities in America.

Who We Serve

The gap between the “haves” and “have-nots” has continued to widen. Household income is varies widely among the populations in these nine counties. Nearly 30% of the population in the service area earn less than $25,000 annually. The unemployment rate remains high, and there are an estimated 775,000 undocumented individuals in the service area.

The nine counties we serve are among some of the most racially and ethnically diverse in the United States. While Whites and Hispanics/Latinos are the most common racial/ethnic groups across the nine counties, followed by Blacks/African-Americans, the number of Asians continues to grow rapidly.

Traveling between the rural and urban communities within our service area can be difficult. Rural areas like Suffolk County have limited public transportation and are highly reliant on cars for travel. Conversely, urban Kings County is easy to navigate via public transportation, but few highways run to the heart of the city.

What We Do

Approximately 80% of grant funding is focused on innovative programs that provide patient navigation/case management for screening and treatment, and support programs that provide crucial support services including transportation, financial assistance, meals for patients and their families, legal assistance and programs that eliminate barriers to clinical trials. Twenty percent of Komen Greater NYC’s programs fund education and outreach programs that directly link women to screening.

We are investing in programs that promote family support for breast cancer patients help alleviate family demands, improve cultural competence, and improve provider accessibility (longer hours and patient navigation). Investing in these programs has the ability to better health outcomes in the community.

Komen Greater NYC also invests in health systems for comprehensive health insurance, funds for low cost and free breast care, and the creation of equipped multi-modal breast care facilities. These will allow New Yorkers to receive care where they live, instead of venturing outside their community, especially when transportation is a barrier.

Our targeted areas and priority populations are Black/African-American and Hispanic/Latina women living in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Richmond County, and Rockland, Westchester and Suffolk Counties. Black/African-American and Hispanic/Latina women in our communities are more likely to be diagnosed a later stage. Black/African-American women also have the highest breast cancer mortality rates in the service area. These counties have high mortality rates for breast cancer and high late-stage diagnoses rates.

These populations, these communities, and these women are who we are committed to serve in our mission: no one should die from breast cancer.

One Race. One Mission. No one should die from breast cancer. Core Values...
Positivity is second only to oxygen
Knowledge is power: seek widely and share broadly
We are driven to be bigger, bolder, better
Deliver excellence from ourselves and community partners
See a need, fill a need
Embrace change and take reasoned risks
Efficiently and effectively steward the dollars entrusted to us
Fiercely embrace all who race
Breast cancer is tough. We are too
We race together

We Are Komen